Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Power of love

In all universes, where overlapping growing processes can exist (and randomly become into existence), the Universe must be a total synergy.

This means - in all possible paradigms, which describe the same reality from different aspects, in all possible ways to describe, measure or sense, one must see total synergy between events.

Growing process is the one, which has homeostasis and forks for once in a while. This means - it has a pattern, which recreates a variant (mutation) of itself in somewhat later time, and sometimes two. For any f(t, z) there will be f(t+m, g(z)) and f(t+n, h(z)) where f is function of any complexity and z identifies a part of physical information plus mutation data and t is time. If one mutation is, for any reason, better than another and there is any tendency to evolve into this better feeling, then there is also some direction - about this, I've written before and this would make this math too complex. The case that processes can overlap - several processes use the same parts of physical information - will be main synergy engine, which makes the One-God-effect or Jungian style synchronicity a must-be, and karma laws follow easily.

Basically, the synergy engine follows from the following:
  • All processes, once formed (like crystal growth or any kind of emotion-signal patterns, which biological microorganisms in earth air and human cells carry all over the physical level of world-brain), will evolve into better self-protection or be destroyed.
  • Better self-protection is mutual self-protection, each of such processes protects:
    • In case of forking ("getting children") or growth ("two overlapping children"), forked processes protect each other.
    • Each process protects all processes, which protect itself, and processes, which protect those processes and so on.
    • Each process destroys all processes, which destroy processes like itself or processes protected by itself.
    • Each process empowers processes, which empower itself - mutual synergy.
So, processes starting from very basic physical processes start to synergize. Synergy is co-operation, using common timing, rhythms, common inputs like stars and planets, and common goals, to operate together.

Funnily, if all basic particles of matter wholly decided by themselves, how to move, but were able to carry some information to each other and "suggest" interesting solutions most probably tested for at least a while - only a few rules of movement were enforced -, and each particle wanted to have some specific things around itself once for a while, as large as possible, then we would not have anything like "force" acting from one particle to another but the _force_ would _evolve_ from the core need of creating those common structures - more synergistic and synergy-supporting particle cluster would be "listened to" by more clusters, then the ones, which could synergize the most of different patterns existing in this universe would have the sharpest power, listened by the most - and in this way, it is purely natural, if you see some people on street in perfect synergy making sense exactly in your current situation or if songs from radio just read your mind for a few months. The girl who plays the song might just create some playlists and let them running there, but synergy between you and here, even if you've never met, but you did meet the same person, song or the same stars at sky, the same clock and rhythm, you just belong to the same thing - then, when you think something, it is a part of larger process and this is perfectly normal if radio will answer that thought or do it three months or more, constantly and reliably. And all the rest is normal just is in perfect synergy, you can see it in whatever way you see the world - if you are not in synergy with it, then it will mirror-reflect your misunderstanding, but if you are, it will surprise you, make the wind blow for you and the stars shine for you, things just happen and they happen all right. And this is plain math - very few properties of the system make this kind of synergy unavoidable effect, with mathematical certainty.

If our world moves into more happiness, using the free will, and love is will to happiness of you and others, then happiness and whatever actions needed to create it are supported by natural laws, winds, rains, random people you see on street and people you don't even sense telepathically, but who just do the right move on the fly never noticing it ..just, animals in the forest, ants and the whole reality from large to small, from alive to non-alive, from wind molecules to microorganisms in wind, they all support this move by their perfect synergy ..but only if you are so strongly in synergy yourself, listening to them all, that this is real, you realistically love, not imagine you loving; if it really listens the heart and mind. So, this moment will feel like if you have the whole power of the whole world - if the synergies need you, if you support the what-must-happen, the synergies protect your will, because of all the complex process, your will works like magic. And, funnily - the inner condition of ability and real happening of self-sacrifice if situation needs that, in certain cases, can be just the condition what renders it unnecessary does not ask if you believe in God or not; it does not ask if you believe in synergy or not, it does not ask if you believe in love or not - it just knows all the case about you to know that in this specific moment you do this specific move, then it moves you to this situation needing this specific move. You be part of millions, billions of synergies all made up through evolution and your main mission - how to serve them all at once. The other people, also in those synergies ..and if those million synergies control most of earth, it's all their interplay, then making a move important, perfect and needed to all of them at once will give you quite a total power for a moment of doing this move. If you be able to synthesize, never really being hurting any of your supporting force, extending your force to new synergies and finding the way to seriously and really do things important for more - to synergize it all, the large powers, not all the small human affairs, which often do not have all the power of natural forces, magic, good luck and random events support behind those, but the real true things is the greatest force on the planet and real, full-featured love with all the emotion and wisdom, this is the true magic, which supports you constantly in ways you do not even imagine. And it sees, the synergies themselves are not cause-effect, but they just coincidence, they can be goal-effect or parallel-effect or they just be, hundreds of years going like a movie least some aspects of those stories. In case you play your role in important stories, you search and understand, you have the right genes, right luck and right place-and-time of birth for this specific story, the right soul and the right past lives, the right culture and the right instincts, then you play your part if you are never heard about the story but also if you have. Human being is just one synergy, one part, one smaller synergy to be fit into all those larger synergies - spirits, invisible creatures - which control the land and the sea, forests, stars, night and days. It's from smallest to largest - hyper-complex growing synergies through all the tensions trying to play together, to find the larger patterns, which fit the accepted pattern variants of all of them. And for each synergy is myriad of it's processes, visible or invisibly there, made of genes, memes, or signal patterns of microorganisms in air communicating with human cells, all those processes have similar kinds of ethical base rules for all the rest, other synergies - we all serve each others, empower each others and this is our strength and energy, otherwise we get to tension and wind will blow against us and the sun will go behind the clouds. That's very funny understanding, but only this really explains magic - it's not one force, one thing, one logic, but it's the whole world answering the true heart and will just because it wants. And the whole world constantly evaluating the feeling of love of all creatures, each synergy looking for some aspect, would it appear in this specific condition, is it there - and so the perfect love, constantly evolving love, constantly listening and accepting love, the true love will make miracles to happen. Because normally, normal physical laws and principles are the conditioning of God's laws, they keep the karma game going on, but the love game itself does not always have to follow all those, because it creatively loves - love removes the need for rules, even in this small-particle world, even in places, where we always see the constant physical laws. And this, mathematically, this is what you get just by thinking - those growing overlapping processes creating synergies and seeking for better feeling, if they listen each others based on how good are the moves for every force at once, if they empower their own empowerers and empowerers of their empowerers, then they seek more and more synergy to solve all wishes and wills of synergized loving creatures at once, until every one of those feels more and more naturally godly or supported, even if the same event means five different wish-fulfillings or gifts for five different beings, then the best will will be most listened and in surprising ways ..not by other people you tell those to, but by forces of nature at once, cooperating to create a miracle, a complex set of interconnected miracles to fulfill your wish ..just because the wish is meant to do the best to you and all the others, or just some of the ones you love - it's in synergy, not a lone, not separate.

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